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Aftercare Is Essential to Success

One thing that causes people to relapse after completing a recovery program is noncompliance with aftercare or follow-up care. Some people believe that drug addiction can be treated similarly to a traumatic injury such as a broken arm - the arm is set and it heals, the cast is removed, physical therapy is scheduled and life eventually returns to normal.

In most cases, drug addiction cannot be adequately managed this way. Someone struggling with an addiction can appear to heal, only to relapse months or years later because of the chronic nature of the problem. Because of this, following aftercare recommendations is absolutely necessary.

Aftercare is any form of continuous treatment that occurs after initial treatment is completed. It's very important for relapse prevention, as many addicts are at a risk for relapse once being released from a treatment center.
Below are some aftercare options available from New Life Recovery Center once you complete your initial drug rehab treatment:

12-step programs: These fellowships follow 12 steps of recovery and provide a supportive environment for addicts to share their experiences.

Individual therapy: The therapist continues to build on coping skills you learned during your initial treatment and uses various techniques to change your negative and harmful behaviors.

Group counseling: The group counselor will work with you and others in the group on relapse prevention and communication practices, and skills useful for repairing broken or damaged relationships.