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Accepting Intoxicated Driver Resource Center (IDRC) clients
Addiction, if not controlled, is a deadly illness. It is the silent thief of hopes and dreams, the destroyer of families and love. It robs its victim of pride and dignity, offering guilt and self-hatred in return.

Hope does exist for the addict. With the proper treatment and recovery, addiction can be controlled. The addicted is then free to live a rich and rewarding life. Achievement of one's greatest potentials is once again possible. When the severity of addictive disease does not require residential treatment...

New Life Recovery Center can help with an Intensive Outpatient Program offering comprehensive addiction treatment to patients and their families. Call us today 973-728-7788.
Recognizing the Symptoms of Drug or Alcohol Abuse

Learning how to recognize when it is necessary to obtain professional help is the first step in beginning a healthy new life. Many people believe they are able to use drugs or alcohol socially without any consequences or becoming addicted. It should be understood that the symptoms associated with drug or alcohol addiction can vary among individuals. Even so, the Mayo Clinic reports that symptoms of alcohol abuse may include the following:

• Displaying an inability to limit the amount of alcohol consumed
• Feeling a strong need to drink
• Hiding drinking habits or drinking alone
• Developing rituals associated with drinking
• Experiencing blackouts when drinking

Accepting that you or a loved one may have a problem with drug or alcohol addiction can be difficult. Additional signs of drug or alcohol addiction can include the following:

• Changes in sleep patterns
• Sudden weight gain or weight loss
• Deterioration of personal grooming habits
• Tremors
• Impaired coordination
• Slurred speech
• Changes in social activities
• Irritability
• Anxiety or paranoia
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